A Dangerous Leap
Second Position
An Inconvenient Mistress
Victory of the Hawk
Death at China Rose
The Void
The Epherium Chronicles: Echoes
Time Served
Author Spotlight – j. leigh bailey
Genre Spotlight – Regency Romance
Fatal Series
The Coast Guard

By Sharon Calvin, author of A DANGEROUS LEAP My life-experiences include hitchhiking from Philadelphia to Kansas City with another girl and a dog, working in an Oregon saw mill, being a telephone exchange repairman (until I failed pole climbing), I fired a Thompson submachine gun (Tommy Gun) at the FBI firing range, won second place in an off-road hill climb in my Jeep CJ-5, and got to try flying a four-passenger helicopter. Trading Kansas tornadoes for hurricanes, I now live on an island in Florida with my husband and a … Continue reading »